Mondvolland mail

I just got the new album “Kwade Vaart” of Mondvolland in the mail today. Great band and great album, and I’m proud I got to shoot the bandphoto!


GG_Evenementen (6)

The picture was shot in a basement of an old burned down house somewhere hidden and overgrown by nature. The guys had allready collected antiques for weeks and with three cars and a hanger we got all the stuff there and luckily it all fit in the bunker. The picture is shot from tripod, and is actually 4 pictures all together. I shot the left gentlemen first with a flash from the right side and did the opposide for the guys on the right. This to give the effect they get lid by the candles on the table. The cool dog was photographed and lid seperatly from the right, also to give the effect that he gets lid by the candle, and i shot a picture of the room seperate aswell, just for the ceiling and some details like the light from outside in the back.

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